eIDentity Services LLC acts as a third party administrator for DNA paternity testing. DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. A standard DNA paternity test generates conclusive results to prove the father-child relationship. To determine paternity, the alleged father, the child, and (if desired) the mother participate in the DNA test. Mother’s participation is optional although her participation helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA fingerprint inherited from her, making the data analysis easier. However, a DNA paternity test without the mother’s participation is equally accurate and conclusive.


What happens at the collection site?

Parties will be required to present a photo ID at the time of collection (i.e. driver’s license, passport, birth certificate). A Chain of Custody form will be completed, requiring signatures and photographs of parties in the case. A legal guardian’s signature will be required for any minors.

What is a buccal swab collection?

DNA samples are collected by gently rubbing the inside of the mouth using a non-invasive, cotton-tipped swab (buccal swab). Epithelial (cheek) cells adhere to the swab. Once collected, each swab is marked with the party’s identification and sent to the lab for testing.

What happens with DNA samples once they are received by the DNA testing laboratory?

When DNA samples are received in the laboratory, the Chain of Custody form is signed by lab staff. Each sample is inspected and entered into the laboratory database. A case is created to evaluate the questioned relationship. DNA testing of the samples begins promptly upon receipt

in the laboratory.

DNA Sample Testing

  • The samples are processed in an AABB accredited laboratory specifically designed for DNA testing.
  • Each sample is processed in duplicate.
  • Robots are used to provide consistency to the testing and quality results.
  • The DNA profile generated is reviewed by trained technicians.
  • The analysis of DNA results is then performed.
  • The results are submitted to eIDentity Services LLC.
  • eIDentity Services LLC forwards the testing results to its clients.